Your Challenges

While there are many things that play across the sector, some of your key challenges include:

  • To be agile and resilient on the one side while at the same time ensuring that you are achieving compliance especially in the backdrop of a dynamic regulatory environment and an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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Transformation Management

The convergence of information management, analytics and social is shaping financial services like never before.  Banks and financial service firms are optimizing their business process in order to maximize efficiency and bring control to the overwhelming amount of information that powers your organization.Read more

Critical Success Factors

In order to succeed in the context of these challenges, it is increasingly imperative to bring down the cycle time and ensure quicker time to revenue. Also being completely adherent to regulatory and compliance requirements is extremely critical to business. Given the highly competitive environment, banks are also tightening relationships with existing customers and monetizing every touch point including customer service calls in a call centre. Finding ways of cross sell and upsell is absolutely imperative to ensuring growth in revenue.

Key Business solutions

Our solutions help you to streamline, govern and accelerate this process. Data is captured appropriately and all manual processes are eliminated. This ensures that the process is not only fast tracked, but also all governance issues are taken care of via proper audit trails, relevant content being available when needed and safely disposed based on regulatory requirements.

Improve customer experience and enhance revenues with our solutions. A lot of documentation and redundant processes can be streamlined with our solutions. They not only provide your management team with visibility on where a process is at any time, but also help you to accelerate the process and deliver great customer experience.

With our solutions for Brand Asset Management, your organization can generate better returns from your investment. When integrated with your website, your clients can have visibility to your latest campaigns, products and offers from the repository that can be viewed on any device.

Automate the process of creating and disseminating relevant, consistent and personalized content to your customers on an on-going basis. You understand your customers more than anyone else – their preferences, background and what they are interested in. How for example would you like to offer your customers relevant promotions based on what they are most interested in? Or creating unique institutional reports for each client and distribute them using the preferred channel of the client.

Our solutions addresses all your reporting requirements by way of consolidating all unstructured content into a repository and using this to disseminate via various channels. You have a single source of truth that can be leveraged also during audits. You could put together a safe disposition strategy as required by the regulatory bodies.

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